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Why does Magic Blu-ray Copy need to Access Internet And How to Solve "Failed to access Internet"?

When you first open Magic Blu-ray Copy, you will receive such an message as below:

blu-ray copy need to access internet

You can check "Don't show again"to set not to show this box next time you open this program. But why does Magic Blu-ray Copy need to Access Internet? Here are some reasons:

1. The registration and license verification for Magic Blu-ray Copy need to be done online, or you will fail to find the register window.

2. Magic Blu-ray Copy needs to access into Internet during BD decryption. Blu-ray discs are protected with region codes and digital rights management, including HDCP, AACS, BD+ and BD-ROM Mark. The new released discs will need appropriate decryption codecs to be downloaded.

3. Sometimes you need to update Magic Blu-ray Copy to fix some bugs and optimize quality. In view of the above, Internet connection will be needed.

In some cases, you may get "access internet failed" message, such as in the following box, here is a solution.


This message means there is no Internet connection, or Magic Blu-ray Copy is blocked to access into Internet by anti-virus or firewall software on the system. Since Magic Blu-ray Copy doesn't have digital signature, some anti-virus or firewall software may automatically block it without any notice. Therefore, if you want to solve "failed to access internet", you need to ensure Internet connection and add Magic Blu-ray Copy to the white list or trusted programs list of your anti-virus or firewall software.

To keep Internet connection on is the best way to help users save decrypting time and optimize your Blu-ray copy or burn process. Magic Blu-ray Copy software recommends users copy Blu-ray movies on line.

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