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How to Rip Blu-ray Folders from Computer Hard Drive?

Blu-ray is a HD format offering users superb watching experience, but it has much restrictions on the playback or the playing devices. A blu-ray file is also much bigger for our storage compared to other formats. Therefore, we need to rip Blu-ray folders to other formats sometimes to ensure our watching on various devices. If you don’t know how to achieve this, you can follow the tutorial below and ripping Blu-ray folders will never become a problem for you.


1.A Blu-ray drive, internal or external
2.Blu-ray Ripper Software - Magic Blu-ray Ripper
3.Internet Connection

How to Rip Blu-ray Folders:

Step 1 Free download Magic Blu-ray Ripper and install it on your computer.

rip Blu-ray folders from computer hard drive

Step 2 Hit the “Browser” button to select the Blu-ray Folder you want to rip, hit “OK” then the folder is added to Magic Blu-ray Ripper, and program will load the folder information automatically.

Step 3 Set the destination for the ripped file.

Step 4 Make sure the Title you want to rip is checked, and Set the specifics such as Audio and Subtitle if you want. You can preview the Title at the “Preview” window.

Step 5 Choose a profile in the drop-down list of “Profile”. You can very quickly make the choice by the device or platform you prefer, and the formats shown below will be different accordingly, just select the specific format you need. You can also modify the ripping quality by selection from the “Quality” drop-down list beside.

Step 6 Hit the Start button at right bottom and Magic Blu-ray Ripper will start ripping your Blu-ray folder to the format you just specified.

Magic Blu-ray Ripper is one powerful ripper that can rip Blu-ray discs, folders and files, even the protected ones, with no loss at quality, to nearly all popular video and audio formats such as avi, mov, wmv, mp4, etc. With this tool, you can easily enjoy your Blu-ray on any device you like. If you would like to rip Blu-ray ISO files, you can refer to How to Rip Blu-ray ISO Files from Computer Hard Drive? for a tutorial.

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