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How to Rip Blu-ray to iPhone on Mac

Many people like getting message, seeing movies, listening music from iPhone almost anywhere and anytime. Believe more people buy Blu-ray disc and want to see it on iPhone. This article will show you how to rip Blu-ray to iPhone on Mac OS.


1.External Blu-ray drive, because your Mac have no Blu-ray drive.
2. Mac computer and make sure your Mac computer has connected to internet.
3. Blu-ray disc movie.
4.Blu-ray Ripper for mac. (Magic Mac Blu-ray Ripper).

Operation steps:

Step1. Free download Magic Mac Blu-ray Ripper, and install it to your Mac computer. This software requires Mac OS X 10.7 or above.
Step2. Run Magic Mac Blu-ray Ripper. Insert Blu-ray disc, then the Blu-ray disc information will show on the interface automatically.
Step3. Click “Browser” button behind the “Destination” text to choose the target.
Step4. Select the profile of Apple - iPhone, then click “Configure” button to edit the profile.

Rip blu-ray to iPhone

Step5. Click button to rip Blu-ray to iPhone.

The operation has complished, very easy, even through you are a novice. Magic Mac Blu-ray Ripper is a powerful Blu-ray ripper software for mac. It rips Blu-ray to MKV, AVI, MP4, supports iPad3, iPad, iPhone 4s, iPhone, iPodTouch4, iPodTouch, iPod classic, iPod, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7. Any questions, please refer to Magic Mac Blu-ray Ripper Support.

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