How to Rip, Convert and Transfer Blu-ray to iPad 3
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How to Rip, Convert and Transfer Blu-ray to iPad 3

Many people have the habit of collecting Blu-ray movies disc, however, most of them have no time to enjoy those movies. There is one way to solve this problem: enjoying Blu-ray movies on iPad on the road.. This article will take iPad3 for example to show you how to rip, convert and transfer Blu-ray to iPad 3 step by step.

Firstly, you should check following items.

1. Make sure your computer have Blu-ray driver, or you need a external Blu-ray driver.
2. Blu-ray ripper (Magic Blu-ray Ripper).
3. Make sure Magic Blu-ray Ripper can run on your computer. The OS requires Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8.
4. Your computer should connect to internet. Because Blu-ray movie disc are protected with region codes and layers of digital rights management, including AACS, and BD+, etc. The Blu-ray Ripper can remove this by internet connection.

Rip Blu-ray to iPad 3

Step1. Free download Magic Blu-ray ripper from official website, and install it to your computer.
Step2. Run Magic Blu-ray Ripper. Insert Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray driver, then the Blu-ray information will show on the interface automatically.
Step3. Click “Browser” button behind “Destination” text, and select target to store the movie. Step4. Select proper Audio and Quality according to your need, and choose “Apple - iPad 3” In the Profile column.
Step5. Click “Run” button to convert Blu-ray to iPad 3. If you want to preview the movie, please click preview run button behind preview screen before ripping.

rip blu-ray to ipad 3

Magic Blu-ray Ripper also can rip Blu-ray to other devices, such as iPhone, iPod, PS3 and so on. More information about Magic Blu-ray Ripper and how to use it, please refer to Magic Blu-ray Ripper features and Magic Blu-ray Ripper Support.

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