How to Change the Profile Output of Magic Blu-ray Ripper?
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How to Modify Profile of Magic Blu-ray Ripper?

Some Magic users sent us some emails asking about profile configurations for Magic Blu-Ray ripper, such as “how to modify profile”, “what’s difference between ‘Very Good’, ‘Good’ and ‘Normal’ ”, “how to add MKV @ 720p with a CRF18 with original audio”etc. Here I will introduce some information about Modify Profile of Magic Blu-ray Ripper.

Many Magic DVD users know that there is an option "Profile Editor ..." on Magic DVD Ripper. Users can click "New" to create a new profile, click "Delete" to delete the profile you choose and click "Modify" to edit a specified profile. With this “Modify” option users can see and modify parameters of the profiles, including DVD resolution, video bitrate, and audio bitrate, etc.

modify magic dvd ripper profile

When it comes to Magic Blu-ray, users may not find any option as “Modify profile” in Magic DVD Ripper. In fact, there do exist such an option. Users can use keyboard Ctrl+Shift+P to open Magic Blu-ray Ripper “Modify creator”.

modify magic blu-ray ripper profile

How to Create or Edit Profile?

Users can view info in Profile Editor, but editing is not supported for the moment. If you do need to add or modify the profiles output (To delete is allowed), you can contact us at, we can help you create. Please send us an email with detailed information such as:

Video :
- Format : wmv
- Size : 1280 / 720
- Bitrate : 6508
-Bitrate: 160 kBit/s
-Stereo: 44100 Hz

When we create a profile, you can update output formats under configuration on the interface to update your current output formats.

update output formats

What’s the difference Between Quality Good, Very Good and Normal and Others?

When you choose a Quality for a Profile, you will see many options, such as Good, Very Good and Normal, etc. What’s the difference between them?

modify magic blu-ray ripper quality

Open Modify editor Ctrl+Shift+P, and select the profile you want to know, you will see detailed information such as below:

magic blu-ray ripper quality details

In detailed profile, b:v=video bitrate. The video bitrate is the key of video quality. The higher the video bitrate is, the better the quality will be and the file is larger too.

The higher the resolution, the better the quality. You can see the bitrate values for Quality Good, Very Good and Normal differ. Very Good has the best quality.

The resolution is another parameter to influence quality. As we all know, 1080p is the best high-definition video modes, implying a resolution of 1920*1080. If the resolution of source is low such as 720*480, increasing the resolution too much will not improve the quality either. If you want to know more information about Magic Blu-ray Ripper or Copy, please enter

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