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Three Ways to Backup Noah Blu-ray Disc with Blu-ray Copy Software

Noah was released on Blu-ray. This movie is a great one. In order to make sure that your investment doesn’t become scratched, lost, stolen, or otherwise useless, this article will show you three best ways to backup Noah Blu-ray movie and make a full copy.

backup Noah blu-ray movie

Blu-ray copy software should be used to successfully backup Blu-ray discs. Commercial Blu-ray discs are encrypted with many layers of protection. Making copies of commercial discs requires removing or bypassing Blu-ray Encryption. Magic Blu-ray Copy can copy protected Blu-ray discs to computer hard drive in 1:1 mode as BDMV folder or ISO file, and burn a Blu-ray disc from a Blu-ray drive or a Blu-ray ISO file to a blank BD directly. Free download Magic Blu-ray Copy and install it to your PC.

If you want to copy Noah Blu-ray disc to computer hard drive as BDMV folders, please refer to OPTION A. If you want to make an ISO image of the original Noah Blu-ray disc, please refer to OPTION B. If you want to make a duplicate disc, you can burn Noah Blu-ray onto a blank Blu-ray disc, please refer to OPTION C.

OPTION A: Copy Nach Blu-ray Disc To BDMV Folder

Step 1 Run Magic Blu-ray Copy.
copy noah blu-ray to bdmv
Step 2 Insert a Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray drive, the Copy will automatically load the disc information.
Step 3 Choose a destination for the copied files from Target and select a Copy Mode.
Step 4 Click Start to begin copying your Blu-ray disc.

Open BDMV/STREAM, you can see lots of m2ts files. You can use regular media player to play a m2ts file and enjoy this movie if you do not have Blu-ray player software. If you want to backup the entire movie, please choose Full Disc movie. If you want to see the movie, Main Movie mode can help you copy main movie to one m2ts file.

OPTION B: Copy Nach Blu-ray Disc To ISO Image

If you want to make a digital copy of this movie in ISO format, this option is just for you.
1. Run Magic Blu-ray Copy, and insert you Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray drive. The copy will automatically load disc information.
copy noah blu-ray to iso
2. Select ‘Image Recorder[ISO file]’ as Target
3. Click"Copy Mode" box list. Then choose to copy "Full Disc".
4. Click "Start" button to begin copying the Blu-ray movie to ISO image.

OPTION C:Burn Noah Blu-ray To Blank BD

1. Run Magic Blu-ray Copy and insert your original Blu-ray disc into your blu-ray drive. It will automatically load your disc information.
2. Select ‘[BD-RE]insert blank disc when reading finished’ option as Target.
3. Select a proper copy mode and modify the disc label if you need.
4. Press "Start" button to start copying.
burn noah blu-ray
5. After the reading process(reading data to the temp folder) is done, the program will reject the original disc and ask you to insert a recordable BD disc, then please insert a proper one and press OK button to continue.
burn blu-ray
6. The burning is done when you get the following prompt.
burn blu-ray to recordable bd disc

You can find more setting for the burning or copying process from burn blu-ray to recordable bd disc. If you want to rip Noah Blu-ray disc to other formats for your portable devices, you can use Magic Blu-ray Ripper and follow the article: How to Rip Noah Blu-ray Disc with Blu-ray Ripper Software.

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