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How to copy main movie only of a blu-ray DVD

Sometimes you may don't want to include audio tracks, subtitle or prevue when copy a Blu-ray Blu-ray movie. "Main Movie" copy mode of Magic Blu-ray Copy can help you omit unwanted audio tracks, subtitle, prevue, extras, trailers etc, only to get the main movie of a Blu-ray movie. You can follow this article to copy main movie only of a blu-ray DVD.

1. Download and install Magic Blu-ray Copy on your computer.
2. Insert your original Blu-ray DVD disc into your blu-ray drive and run Magic Blu-ray Copy. The Blu-ray copy will automatically load your source Blu-ray DVD information.(You can also choose a Blu-ray folder to copy from hard drive).
3. Select “Main Movie” from Copy Mode.
select copy mode
4. Then you'll get the following window, select a proper main movie from the "Movie to Copy" drop-down list, then select the audio tracks and subtitles you wanted. And press "OK" to save it.

select main movie

select main movie to copy

5. Press "Start" button to start copying.

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