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How to Copy Full Blu-ray Movie to PC?

Blu-ray is currently the best HD format. A Blu-ray Movie disc usually contains many titles. When a Blu-ray disc contains a feature-length film, the entire film is often placed in one title. Extra/Special features are placed in separate titles. These features are usually items such as extended versions, director's cuts of the film, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes, production stills, cast and crew bios, alternate endings, animatics... If you want to keep all the special extras in the copied file, you can copy full Blu-ray movie.

If you want to copy a commercial Blu-ray movie, you will need a third party tool to help you decrypt Blu-ray protection since Blu-ray discs have much more complicated structure and protection than DVD. Magic Blu-ray Copy is one of the best Blu-ray copying and burning tools. It can help you copy Blu-ray movie in 1: 1 mode and burn it to a blank Blu-ray disc in full disc mode. Just in a couple of hours , you can backup entire Blu-ray disc on your PC.

Before copying, please free download Magic Blu-ray Copy from official website, and install it to your computer. Magic Blu-ray Copy Full Disc copy mode will help you copy Blu-ray entire disc including menus, trailers and special features, and so on in 1:1 mode. You can use this mode to copy a Blu-ray movie to your computer, hard disc, or burn it to a blank DVD disc without any loss in quality.

How to Copy Blu-ray full disc?

1. Run Magic Blu-ray Copy, and insert you Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray drive. The Copy will automatically load disc information. Or you can select the disc or "From hard disk..." from the "Source" dropdown list, then choose a Blu-ray movie, disc or folder manually.

copy entire blu-ray movies

2. Choose a destination for your copied Blu-ray movie from the "Target". If you want to burn the Blu-ray disc to a blank disc, you can choose ‘[BD-RE]insert blank disc when reading finished’. If you want to create ISO file for your movie, you can select ‘Image Recorder[ISO file]’.

copy entire blu-ray movies

3. Click"Copy Mode" box list. Then choose to copy "Full Disc".

backup entire blu-ray movies

4. Click "Start" button to begin copying the Blu-ray movie.

Just in 1-2 hours, the entire Blu-ray movie will be copied to your PC. If you want to burn the disc to a blank Blu-ray disc, you can follow How to burn Blu-ray DVD disc to the recordable BD disc.

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