How to Backup Divergent Blu-ray Movie to a Blank Blu-ray Disc
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How to Backup Divergent Blu-ray Movie to a Blank Blu-ray Disc

Divergent was one the hottest movies in the first half 2014, and now has been released on Blu-ray. In order to make sure that your investment doesn’t become scratched, lost, stolen, or otherwise useless, you can backup Divergent Blu-ray to your computer or burn it to a blank BD. This article offers you a one stop solution to copy Divergent Blu-ray movie to a blank Blu-ray disc and make a full copy.

copy Divergent blu-ray movie

Blu-ray copy software should be used to successfully backup Blu-ray discs. Commercial Blu-ray discs are encrypted with many layers of protection. Making copies of commercial discs requires removing or bypassing Blu-ray Encryption. Magic Blu-ray Copy can copy protected Blu-ray discs to computer hard drive in 1:1 mode as BDMV folder or ISO file, and burn a Blu-ray disc from a Blu-ray drive or a Blu-ray ISO file to a blank BD directly. Free download Magic Blu-ray Copy and install it to your PC.

How to Copy Divergent Blu-ray Movie to a Blank Blu-ray Disc?
1. Run Magic Blu-ray Copy and insert your original Blu-ray disc into your blu-ray drive. It will automatically load your disc information.
2. Select ‘[BD-RE]insert blank disc when reading finished’ option as Target. If you can not see this option, please check your drive, it might not be a BD-RE, but a BD-BOM, which can not support Blu-ray burning.
3. Select a proper copy mode and modify the disc label if you need.
4. Press "Start" button to start copying.
burn Divergent blu-ray
5. After the reading process(reading data to the temp folder) is done, the program will reject the original disc and ask you to insert a recordable BD disc, then please insert a proper one and press OK button to continue.
burn blu-ray
6. The burning is done when you get the following prompt.
burn blu-ray to recordable bd disc

You can find more setting for the burning or copying process from burn blu-ray to recordable bd disc. If you want to rip Divergent Blu-ray disc to other formats for your portable devices, you can use Magic Blu-ray Ripper and follow the article: How to Rip Divergent Blu-ray Disc to Other Formats.

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