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Free Guide to Copying Blu-ray Movies to Computer Hard Drive

Blu-ray took off years ago and receives great popularity for its large capacity and extremely HD video effect, but it also has more copy protection than any other format around. If you want to copy Blu-ray movies to computer hard drive, it may take a lot of energy. However, Magic Blu-ray copy can help you with its simple interface and powerful function.

Magic Blu-ray Copy is an efficient Blu-ray copier, decrypter and burner software program. It can easily remove Blu-ray protection, and copy Blu-ray to your targeted device or burn it to a blank blu-ray disc, which will protect your original Blu-ray discs from being scratched.

Step 1 Download Magic Blu-ray Copy from official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2 Run this application, you can see following interface.

copy blu-ray movies

1). When you insert a Blu-ray disc, Magic Blu-ray Copy can automatically load disc information. Or you can select the disc or "From hard disk..." from the "Source" dropdown list, then choose a Blu-ray movie, disc or folder manually.
2). Choose destination for your targeted Blu-ray movie from the "Target".

blu-ray copy backup blu-ray
3). Click"Copy Mode" box list. Then choose to copy "Full Disc" or "Main Movie". If you select the "Main Movie", you'll get the following window. Just choose a proper main movie from the "Movie to Copy" dropdown list, then select the audio tracks and subtitles and press "OK" to save it.

select main movie

Step 3 Click "Start" button to begin copying Blu-ray movies.

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