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How can I Copy Argo Blu-ray to a Blank Blu-ray for Backup?

As the newly released commercial Blu-ray disc, Argo Blu-ray discs are protected with region codes and digital rights managements. If you want to copy or burn Argo Blu-ray DVD to a blank Blu-ray for backup, you should use software with right Blu-ray licensing and decryption capacity.

copy Argo blu-ray dvd

Magic Blu-ray Copy can help you decode Blu-ray protection and burn Argo Blu-ray without any quality loss. You can follow the below tips:

What kind of recordable blu-ray disc is supported:
BD-R (single sided single layer, 25GB)
BD-R DL (single sided dual layer, 50GB)
BD-RE (rewritable, single sided single layer, 25GB)
BD-RE DL (rewritable, single sided dual layer, 50GB)

How to copy/burn Argo Blu-ray DVD to a blank Blu-ray?

1. Download and install Magic Blu-ray Copy on your computer.
2. Insert your original Blu-ray DVD disc into your blu-ray drive and run Magic Blu-ray Copy.
3. Select a proper copy mode and modify the disc label if you need.
4. Press "Start" button to start copying.
copy blu-ray
5. After the reading process(reading data to the temp folder) is done, the program will reject the original disc and ask you to insert a recordable BD disc, then please insert a proper one and press OK button to continue.
burn blu-ray
6. The burning is done when you get the following prompt.
burn blu-ray to recordable bd disc

If you want to know more information about Argo film or rip Argo Blu-ray discs to other formats, you can refer to How to Backup or Rip Argo Blu-ray Disc?

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