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How to Choose the Best Blu-ray Ripper Software?

Are you still looking for a better way to rip protected Blu-ray discs to your computer hard drive for a digital backup, or copy to portable devices? Blu-ray ripper software will be needed. You can read this article to learn why do you need Blu-ray ripper software and what is the best Blu-ray ripper software for your computer.

Why do you need Blu-ray ripper software?

People who have used a computer to play Blu-ray discs all know that any computer, with a Blu-ray drive or not, can not read and play a Blu-ray disc. Why? Blu-ray discs are protected with kinds of protection and our current operating systems do not have native Blu-ray support. So even if your computer has a Blu-ray drive, you still can't play Blu-ray movies directly.

Blu-ray ripper software, a third party application, can remove the restrictions of protected Blu-ray discs and help you rip Blu-ray to other formats for a digital backup, so you can play the Blu-ray movie without any trouble.

What is the best Blu-ray ripper software?

When we compare Blu-ray ripper software products, they all offer the same innate functionality of Blu-ray ripping. However when it comes to other functionality and features, the software can differ. So we need to compare their supplementary features, support and user experience. You can see how to evaluate Blu-ray ripper software and choose your Blu-ray ripper for PC.

Video and Audio Effect
Blu-ray Disc is currently the best resource of high-definition video up to 1080p and high-quality audio. The best Blu-ray ripper software should deliver high-quality picture and sound in ripping process. In terms of video, we can select different output video formats and quality to meet different requirements for devices. As for audio, we look at whether the software preserves audio streams to include in the ripped files.

User Experience and Features
Best Blu-ray ripper software can provide powerful features and friendly user experience. The software allows the users to customize viewing output, controls and other settings according to their willingness. The software itself should be designed with simplified interface, easy-to-navigate control panel and easy configuration of settings. Only when the software is pleasing to the eye can we have the mood to try and use.

After-sale service
With integrated help, after-sale support from the developers and timely upgrade, software application can get efficient functions. When we choose Blu-ray ripper software, we should learn what kind of updates provided, FAQ offered, and how can we get support, especially technical support in case any problem occurs.

Best Blu-ray ripper software allows you to rip all protected Blu-ray discs and convert formats without any trouble. Magic Blu-ray Ripper is one the best Blu-ray ripper software products. It can provide all the functions and features with high performance cost ratio.

best blu-ray ripper software

Designed for Windows, Magic Blu-ray Ripper is used by a lot of people and they are happy with it which is very easy to install and to work with. With a simple menu and familiar interface, not too complicated, it can rip the latest Blu-ray discs to almost all the popular video and audio formats, supporting 8 preset conversion modes and 20+ devices. On the other hand, this Blu-ray ripper also allows you to select titles to rip, choose video formats, devices and audio streams for output, and all operations are intuitive and in a logical sequence.

Free download is available at Till now, almost none of the users who tried Magic Blu-ray Ripper complained about it’s performance, and they said that they love to rip Blu-ray movies using it because they no longer need to spend much time adjusting the settings and waiting for the ripping. Download Magic Blu-ray Ripper for free and get started to enjoy this best Blu-ray ripper software.

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